Full Mouth Restoration Specialist

Matthew D. Gemp, DMD, PLLC

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Cosmetically rejuvenating your smile is one thing, but when you have extensive prematurely worn, broken, or dysfunctional teeth, you may be a candidate for full mouth restoration. Dr. Matthew Gemp, doctor of medical dentistry in Houston, has the right blend of skills and knowledge to combine the contemporary technologies needed for many full mouth restorations. Call today or book online for a consultation.

Full Mouth Restoration Q & A

What is full mouth restoration?

Full mouth restoration addresses all of the problems with your teeth, gums, and jaw that affect your health or comfort. Because your mouth problems and pain are different from anyone else’s, Dr. Gemp uses a combination of contemporary processes and procedures specifically designed to resolve your mouth issues.

Considered an advanced treatment process, full mouth restoration starts with a sophisticated diagnostic analysis of your mouth. Jaw alignment and rebuilding of damaged teeth comprise the bulk of the work that Dr. Gemp typically does with most patients.

What problems does full mouth restoration address?

Often, the way your teeth come together is the root of mouth pain. Misaligned teeth may put pressure on your jaw joint. Reconstructing how your teeth contact during biting can relieve this pressure and its associated pain.

You may notice another benefit after Dr. Gemp changes your jaw angle: a more youthful-looking jaw line, providing cosmetic benefits as well as improving mouth performance. You may even get relief from headaches that resist other treatments.

Restoration can repair premature wear to some or all your teeth due to aging or chronic grinding of your teeth. In some cases, the breakdown of teeth may no longer be treatable through conventional, conservative dentistry, and restoration represents an alternative to tooth loss. When tooth sensitivity to hot and cold becomes chronic, restoration adds layers of protection so you’re no longer bothered by these sensations.

What results can I expect from full mouth restoration?

No matter what condition your teeth, jaw, and gums are in now, Dr. Gemp can provide you with an even smile that looks completely natural. Your bite is aligned, your teeth properly contact for biting and chewing, and perhaps most importantly, pain and other uncomfortable sensations are gone.

The porcelain materials used for the restorations that reconstruct your teeth are strong and long-lasting, requiring care that’s no different than natural teeth. There are none of the problems associated with full or partial dentures, as the restoration builds on the natural structure of your mouth, without removable plates or bridges. Full mouth restoration leaves you with an attractive, functional, and, best of all, permanent smile.