Cosmetic Smile Makeover Specialist

Matthew D. Gemp, DMD, PLLC

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The range of contemporary cosmetic techniques can correct virtually any aspect of your smile with which you’re unhappy. Dr. Matthew Gemp, doctor of medical dentistry in Houston, can repair or restore a single tooth or an entire mouthful. If you’ve been living with a smile problem you’d like to address, now is the time to contact the practice for an appointment.

Cosmetic Smile Makeover Q & A

What cosmetic procedures are typical with a smile makeover?

Cosmetic dental procedures are many, addressing both your minor and major tooth appearance problems. Perhaps the most familiar treatment is orthodontics, which moves teeth into proper alignment. It’s not just cosmetic though. Your tooth and jaw functions typically improve when your teeth are aligned correctly. Crowns, bridges, and dentures are also dual cosmetic/corrective procedures, adapting after tooth loss to maintain both appearance and function.

The color of your teeth may make you self-conscious, whether you have yellowing teeth or the metallic look of older fillings. Dr. Gemp offers teeth whitening, a common process that restores brightness to stained or faded teeth, and he can replace your old fillings with ones that match your natural color.

Cosmetic bonding addresses small cracks and chips in your teeth, while porcelain veneers solve larger problems. Inlays and onlays help if you have big cavities. Your teeth can be contoured and shaped to give you a more even smile, and cosmetic gum surgery sets the proper look by framing your teeth.

What aesthetic considerations are there when evaluating my smile?

The proportion of your teeth affects your appearance. Long teeth tend to look more youthful, so if you’re suffering from excessive tooth wear, or if your teeth are naturally short, you may appear prematurely older. Dr. Gemp uses porcelain veneers or composite bonding of the front teeth to create a longer shape, or if your gums feature prominently in your smile, he may reshape your gum line, creating a similar effect.

The smile line is an imaginary arc that follows the edges of your top teeth, and that ideally matches the curve of your bottom lip when you smile. Visualizing this line sets a reference for how long your teeth should be as well as a reference for reshaping.

Teeth have an ideal proportion ratio of about 4-to-5, width to length. Combining this with the smile line provides another reference for cosmetic improvements to your smile.

Are smile makeover processes permanent?

This varies by procedure. For example, teeth whitening is temporary, so you can expect to get retreatment to maintain the best results. Porcelain veneers can chip or fail, so you might need to replace them, while composite bonding may stain or otherwise deteriorate. Dental crowns have a life expectancy of up to 15 years before you’ll need to replace them.